SAPOA Responsibility

Another of SAPOA's responsibilities is to use our collective bargaining skills to positively influence the crafting of regulation that impacts our industry at the city, state and federal levels.  In recent years, there is a school of thought at all levels of government, that legislation can cure all of society's ills.  Unfortunately, the current situation in Washington reminds us all that legislation for the sake of legislation put into practice without proper practical research, and perpetuated by agenda minded individuals, is in fact disastrous to the economy and to the taxpayer. SAPOA will always lobby to have a seat at governments' table as a problem solver and to provide the practical research that is missing when legislators seek to put theory into practice.

SAPOA stands in support of policy makers whose efforts ensure the ongoing sustenance and development of a thriving business community.  Not only does business development bring new resources and new attractions to the city, business development also brings jobs to the local economy.  More employment opportunities elevate the standard of living in the community and offer new occupational opportunities to all of Salisbury’s Citizens.  Our goal as a community should be to keep recent University graduates in the area as they are valuable professional investment.  Additionally, business development guarantees the restoration of dignity to many of our struggling families by decreasing unemployment and providing better paying jobs.  It is SAPOA’s position that crime will decrease proportionately with effective local economic development.


Some of our accomplishments include

  • Partnering with the City of Fruitland to solve rental housing issues
  • Working with Salisbury University's Town Gown
  • Working with Salisbury University's Neighborhood Compact
  • Working with Crime Solvers. SAPOA was instrumental in helping law enforcement apprehend 3 murderers in 2010
  • Working the Mayor's Neighborhood Round Table
  • Supplying needed input at Salisbury City Council Meetings
  • Supplying needed input to Public Input Meetings
  • Interfacing regularly with Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Filing various litigation to prevent punitive legislation
  • Working in concert with the State Property Owners Association
  • Working with Salisbury Neighborhood Housing to promote first time homeownership
  • Working with Habitat for Humanity to promote first time home ownership to low income families
  • Donating to local causes including the restoration of the Chipman Center and the Community Foundation
  • Interacting with the local businesses through Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Salisbury's rental industry leads the State in lead code compliance setting the bar for the remainder of the rental industry statewide.