Salisbury Community Watch

Salisbury Area Property Owners Association (SAPOA) is part of every neighborhood in and around the City’s of Salisbury and Fruitland. The Association and its Members care about and care for the two Cities and surrounding neighborhoods. We do everything we can to continuously improve our housing and commercial properties and self-police the Association’s membership regarding our Code of Ethics compliance. Our Membership agrees to a common-sense Code of Ethics and agrees to participate with Association and the Association’s commitment towards community involvement and improvement.

To that end, we highly encourage the community to notify the Association, via this Community Watch form, to give us feedback regarding problematic housing that is over-crowded, unsanitary, overly loud with a lot of guest traffic in/out, etc.

The Association is NOT the police. If you have an emergency or need immediate response, call 911 and report your location and the situation. But if you think you need someone to approach the landlord or management company and help resolve a situation that is bringing down the neighborhood or negatively impacting the standard of living of the neighborhood, please complete the attached form and the Association will do what we can to help.

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This form is not to be used for mediation between neighbors or non-emergency matters. This form is intended to alert us to dangerous or harmful situations that require prompt attention.