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Membership Benefits

Some of the great benefits of joining SAPOA include:

  • Interfacing with other professionals who can help you solve property management challenges cost effectively
  • Camaraderie with like minded professionals who enjoy the benefits of running a successful small business
  • Problem solving with persons who have a shared vested interest in their property and their community
  • Enjoying the rewards providing quality products and quality services to your tenants
  • Sharing ideas to promote enhanced services
  • Collaborating with professionals who share your standard for ethical excellence
  • Being part of a team that invests philanthropically in the community

Membership fees are based on how many units your organization manages.  Choose the appropriate category to the right, fill in your "Group Name" (or company name) and click register!

Not Sure If You Have An Account?

Accounts are setup by "Group" or your company name.  Each group account can have multiple users.  If you need to be added as a user to an existing account, have your group owner (the person that created the group) add you from within the Membership Functions.  Do not create a new group as you will be charged as a separate account!

If you are unsure if your group has an account, contact us!


  • When you sign up, you will be asked to pay via PayPal.  Your account will renew automatically every year unless you request to stop your membership.
  • After you sign up, if you want to add any user accounts for staff, just go into Member Functions (top menu) and then the Group/Landlord Functions page to invite new users via email.  This is the ONLY way to associate people to your membership.
  • Finally, after you sign up, a SAPOA administrator must link you to our custom data system.  Until then, you will not have access to the data.

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